Revenue-based Parking Systems

In the parking industry, lost revenue due to fraud is a major concern. Studies show that as much as 15% of annual revenue is lost due to fraudulent activities associated with a vehicle’s length of stay.
Using Infrared (IR) Illumination ANPR Cameras and processors, a number plate image and colour overview is captured for every vehicle entering the parking facility. Each image is date and time stamped and stored in a central database for future reference. At the time of vehicle exit, a second number plate image is captured and automatically registered against the entry data to confirm parking duration. This approach eliminates the revenue loss associated with ticket fraud.
Applications include:
● Airport Parking Facilities
● Parking Management Firms
● On street Enforcement
● Residential Parking Facilities
● Commercial Office Parking Facilities
● Arenas, Convention Centres, Stadiums
● Hospital Parking Facilities